How to create cartoon characters of yourself


If you don't want to use photos of yourself for online profiles, why not be creative and create a caricature of yourself using a variety of fun online tools.

1. Simpsonizeme (Turn yourself into a Simpsons Character)


The official Simpsons Movie website allows you to turn yourself into a simpsons character.

Simpsons Movie homepage

Once you have chosen a male or female character, the tool allows you to customise your character from a huge range of features.

Choose either a male or female character


Once complete, save or Print Screen your avatar and edit using your favourite image editing package.

Note: You are required to register in order to save your avatar.


2. SP Studios (Turn yourself into a South Park Character)

south park me

SP Studios is another free online tool that allows you to create avatars of yourself based on famous cartoon characters. With SP studio, you can create cartoon look-a-likes of yourself inspired by the artwork of South Park.

Build your character from a selection of pre-set features


3. Joystiq Mii Characters (Create a Nintendo Wii style character)

mii yourself

Joystiq Mii allows you to create a Nintendo Mii style avatar of yourself to be used online.

Choose from several template features


4. i-How recommended: Mini-Mizer 3.0 (Turn yourself into a Lego Character)

Mini-Mizer 3.0 (Reasonablyclever.com) is a fun online tool which enables you to create a Lego style avatar of yourself.

Mini-Mizer 3.0 allows you to customise a whole host of fetures including colour, clothing, custom text, and accessories.

Mini-mizer 3

Customise your avatar with your own text or slogan


What next?

Once you have created your avatar, save or Print Screen your avatar and edit using your favourite image editing package. Don't have access to image editing software? Try GIMP!

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free open source image editing package available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. GIMP provides several features, usually reserved for paid for software, such as retouching, cropping, resizing, converting and animation. Click on the link below to download GIMP for free:

Download Gimp here


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